Ten Most Useful Android GitHub Libraries

The world gets a bit closer when you shift your life online. Being technology enthusiasts we love creating and deploying innovative projects to simplify the complex problems people face day to day.  Social networks like Stackoverflow and Github have really simplified the lives of programmers and newbie learners. StackOverFlow has provided us with a platform, where we can ask anything from how to develop a software, which language is better to how much strong is your program code. GitHub is an online repository platform where people from all over the world share their source codes and help others in completing their open source projects.

I am an android developer and I have struggled very hard finding a better way to design and put something unique into my app. Every time I either used to stop or move on to a different project. The problem is the complexity when you build something from scratch. Therefore, I went online and found some of these awesome GitHub opensource projects which helped me and will obviously help you too.

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1.   Lottie Animation Library

Lottie-android is a mobile library from Airbnb. It provides easy implementation of Adobe After Effects animations. You can find more beautiful animations from their website.

Features: Interpolation (Linear, Bezier, Hold etc), Masking, Shape Layers, Strokes, Trimming etc.

GitHub: https://github.com/airbnb/lottie-android

Website: https://www.lottiefiles.com/



2. Tap Target View

You must have struggled for how to let user know about which section in the app does what. Tap Target View provides you the tool for generating animated circles around the focus required areas. Therefore, the user pays more attention towards that section in your app. You might use it for the first-time users on how to interact with app .

Features: setTextSize, setTextColor, targetRadius, setIcon, inner/outer circle colour etc

GitHub: https://github.com/KeepSafe/TapTargetView


3.   ButterKnife

ButterKnife provides you the best replacement for the long & redundant findViewById & resource (color.xml, string.xml, dimen.xml etc)  binding statements by using simple annotations. You can eliminate clumsy resource binding code. It’s one of the best libraries for android developers.

Features:  @bindView, @onClick, @bindString @bindcolor, @bindDimen etc

GitHub: https://github.com/JakeWharton/butterknife

Website: http://jakewharton.github.io/butterknife/



Download  demo code

4.   Loader View Library

Again, one of the best libraries for all those applications which involves loading data from server or memory consuming tasks. It features the ability to show animation loader (Shimmer) before any image or any text is loaded in the app.

Features: LoaderTextView, LoaderImageView, use_gradient, etc

GitHub: https://github.com/elye/loaderviewlibrary


5.   Infinite Cycle ViewPager

Infinite cycle ViewPager provides you with two-way orientation and interactive effect. You can use this library to show beautiful multiple cards in a list. This library is highly customizable. I must say that this library has the potential to build some unique app designs.

 Features: auto scroll, snap duration, scaling etc

GitHub: https://github.com/Devlight/InfiniteCycleViewPager


6.   Sneaker

If you wished for minimalistic alerts in your app then Sneaker is the best option to go for. Sneaker is a lightweight Android library for customizable alerts. You get the options like in android dialogs like set icon, message, title, duration etc.

Features: set message, title, duration, auto-hide, set icon, click listener etc

GitHub: https://github.com/Hamadakram/Sneaker


7.   Sequent

Sequent is an android library which helps in adding sequential animations to views which comes one after other. It provides easy implementation of sequential animations like for loading a list items.

Features: set origin, delay, offset, flow, animation etc

GitHub: https://github.com/fujiyuu75/Sequent


sequent-demo image


8.   Boom Menu

If you are bored with the stock view of android menus then you can try boom menu.  It is a stylist menu library which provides many ways to show a menu like popup buttons in centre of your screen with smooth animations.

Features: boom ways, button place alignment, ham button, text inside/outside of buttons etc

GitHub: https://github.com/Nightonke/BoomMenuhttps://github.com/fujiyuu75/Sequent


9.   Compressor

Compressor for android provides you with in-built methods to resize and compress images. You can use it for creating high quality thumbnails etc. Compressor enables you to resize or re-scale large images into smaller ones with minimum loss in image quality.

Features: set target height, target width, target quality, set destination etc

GitHub: https://github.com/zetbaitsu/Compressor


compressor image

10 . Loopbar

With loopbar you get to create a different but still awesome application in which you can scroll through navigation menu right at you fingerprint. It is a tab bar with infinite scrolling. It is most useful when you have menu items which can’t be displayed fully inside the available screen width.

Features: selection in/out animation, selection background, etc

GitHub: https://github.com/Cleveroad/LoopBar


These are few github libraries which i found really helpful. Let me know if you know any other libraries which could be helpfull to all of us.

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